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Networking Cables

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You’ve relied on West Penn Wire as your source for high-end Category 5E, 6, 6A UTP and F/UTP and Cat 7 S/FTP networking cable that provides performance, reliability, bandwidth, and scalability in your critical voice, data, and video applications.

  • Data Centers
  • Local Area Networks
  • Building Management
  • A/V
  • Security and Alarm Systems
Cables connected to network board

Our complete line of bulk network cables ranges from 5E for data, voice and video to 7 for 4K Ultra distribution. Understanding the characteristics of different types of cable and how they interrelate to the network as a whole is necessary for a successful installation. To determine the best cable for specific applications, refer to the table below.

What You Should Know About Network Cables

Category Applications Key Features
5E (4-pr., 24 AWG) 100BaseT Data & Voice

Non-Plenum: 4245 UTP (12 Colors), 4245F F/UTP

Plenum: 254245 UTP (12 Colors), 254245F F/UTP

Indoor/Outdoor: 4245IO UTP

Outdoor: 4245OSP & M57562

IP CCTV Cameras
IP AV Streaming Networks
IP Paging Systems
HDBaseT Shorter Runs
6 (4-pr., 23 AWG) 1GBaseT Data

Non-Plenum: 4246 UTP (12 Colors), 4246F F/UTP

Plenum: 254246 UTP (12 Colors), 254246F F/UTP

Indoor/Outdoor: 4246IO UTP

Outdoor: 4246OSP

IPCCTV Cameras
IPAV Streaming Networks
IP Paging Systems
6A (4-pr., 23 AWG) 10GBaseT Data

Non-Plenum: 4246A UTP (5 Colors), 4246AF F/UTP

Plenum: 254246A UTP (5 Colors), 254246AF F/UTP

Indoor/Outoor: 4246AFIO F/UTP

IPBaseT® Aurora 4K AV Distribution System
7 (4 pr., 22 AWG) >10BaseT Data & AV

Plenum: 254247 S/FTP

4K Resolution Video Distribution
4K Ultra

*Call for available colors.

West Wire Wire Brand of Networking Accessories

Enhance your network systems and get superior connectivity with cable and accessories from West Penn Wire.

West Penn Wire is now offering our branded networking accessories for a complete West Penn Wire end-to-end solution.

These highly engineered and tested products include Category 5E/6 UTP RJ45 Jacks, Category 5E/6 UTP 24 & 48 Port Patch Panels, Category 5E/6 UTP Assemblies, and Keystone-Style Wall Plates, all backed by a 10-year standard warranty.