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LED Lighting Cable

LED Lighting Cable

#LED182PWH1000 – 18 AWG
#LED162PWH1000 – 16 AWG

More designers, homeowners and builders are specing LED (light-emitting diodes) lighting for new construction or renovation. LEDs are the future. They are energy efficient, 100-percent recyclable, Energy Star certified, safer because they produce no heat, easily controlled through a smartphone, and longer lasting – up to 25,000 hours. LED technology, which first appeared in 1962, gives lighting designers even greater creative flexibility. LEDs are also low voltage, and that’s where West Penn Wire comes in. West Penn Wire now has two LED lighting cable options that safely power or connect modules together, along with other components, for general purpose, task or display lighting. Our LED lighting cable is CMP-rated and UL-listed for use in:

LED Lighting Cable LED Lighting Cable

West Penn Wire’s new animation video shows how a properly designed and installed fire suppression or fire alarm (FA) system in two buildings – initiating devices, SLC lines, and NAC cables – is the fastest and most effective way to avert a disaster.