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Fiber Optic Cable for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Our optical fiber non-conductive plenum (OFNP) pre-terminated cable assemblies are ideal for installations within a single building or between two structures.

Manufactured to your specifications by highly skilled professionals in an environmentally controlled facility, these pre-terminated long length assemblies range from 50-1,000 ft. and feature ST (Straight Tip), SC (Standard) and LC (Lucent) Connectors.

Available in 2- or 6-fiber Indoor/Outdoor OFNP OM1, OM3 OM4 and OS2 (Single-Mode) configurations, our fiber optic cables are fully tested for plug-and-play installation.

Equipped with a tool (PN 17507) that protects cables and connectors from being damaged by taking the stress off the connection points while pulling, West Penn Wire indoor/outdoor, pre-terminated fiber optic cables are the total package.

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