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Access Control Cables

An access control system is an integration of hardware, software and management tools that electronically monitors and controls access points through door, gates, elevators, and other entry points. These types of systems are ideal for applications within hotels, hospitals, airports, banks, prisons, military facilities, social clubs, residential complexes, libraries, factories, and other places where access security is imperative. West Penn Wire carries a variety of Access Control Cables and has recently expanded its product breadth to include AC253PSH. Instead of the standard Access Control Cable that typically has one of the four cables being shielded, all four are shielded with AC253PSH. It also provides added EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) protection. This flexible plenum cable offers security in a variety of designs such as: Reader, Lock Power, REX, and Door Contact.

One of the Key Advantages of West Penn Wire’s Access Control Cables:
  • Pulling one cable instead of four individual ones throughout the process of installation.