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ONFP Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cables

Get Top Performance, Improved Attenuation,
No Field Termination Errors

West Penn Wire optical fiber non-conductive plenum (OFNP) pre-terminated cable assemblies are ideal interbuilding and campus-wide installations.

Our ONFP Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cables are built to spec, using only the best materials by highly trained techs in an environmentally controlled workspace. All terminations are fully tested and ready for immediate installation.

Available in 2- or 6-fiber Indoor/Outdoor OFNP OM1, OM3 OM4 and OS2 (Single-Mode) configurations, our pre-terminated long length assemblies range from 50-1,000 ft. and feature ST (Straight Tip), SC (Standard) and LC (Lucent) Connectors.

Quick turnaround on our end means that your cables are ready to go to work, minimizing downtime and maximizing your performance.