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Aurora IPBaseT® Technology

The iPBaseT System replaces multiple technologies with a single-box distributed platform. Key features and benefits include combining 4K uncompressed video with:

  • Zero-Latency Seamless Switching
  • Video Wall & Multi-Viewer Modes
  • Digital Audio
  • USB 2.0
  • Ethernet

Using a bandwidth of a standard 10G copper or a fiber network, iPBaseT supports large, seamless UHD video, as well as audio matrix.

Aurora IPBaseT Certified Product Partner

One Technology: Two System Options

iPBaseT IPX Systems are the industry’s first box unit and transceiver wall plate in a single package. Ideal for larger installations, such as hotels, convention centers and casinos, IPX Systems feature:

  • AV Distribution Over IP 10G Network
  • 10G Copper or Fiber Switch (Layer 3, IGMP Snooping)
  • 4K Delivery – Zero Compression & Zero Latency
  • Dante® Audio & Extreme USB Options
  • Ability to Use Category 6A UTP Cable or OM3 Fiber

iPBaseT VLX Systems are designed for smaller applications, such as schools, boardrooms and clubs or restaurants. Like their IPX counterparts, VLX Systems feature box units and transceiver wall plates in the same package. Other characteristics of these systems include:

  • AV Distribution Over IP 1G Network
  • 1G Copper Switch (Minimum Layer 2; Layer 3 Recommended)
  • 4K Delivery – Virtually Loss-less Compression & Latency
  • Dante® Audio
  • Streaming Video View
  • Ability to Use Category 6 UTP or Category 6A Cable

See this table to compare key features of IPX and VLX Systems.

When it comes to iPBaseT AV distribution, Aurora technology is the clear choice over matrix/extender systems and IP streaming.