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Aquaseal® Water Resistant Cables

For more than 20 years, West Penn Wire has been setting the standard for indoor/outdoor fire-alarm installations. Since 1995, AQUASEAL Water Resistant Cables, the industry’s original water resistant, water blocking low-voltage cable, has become the recognized name for indoor/outdoor applications.

There is no equal. If the job calls for cables to run from one building to another, in conduit or directly buried in a wet location. Have complete confidence in your install with Aquaseal. With our two ply tape, sunlight-resistant and moisture-resistant jackets, you’re assured signal transmission. Don’t take a chance and settle for second best. When it comes to Aquaseal, there is no substitute.


  • Low Voltage Control
  • Fire Alarm Analog and Addressable
  • Audio
  • Speaker
  • Analog CCTV


  • Two-ply tape for optimal swell
    • 10mm within the first minute
    • 12mm after 10 min of exposure
  • Maximum amount of water blocking Aquaseal tape
  • Thicker Jacket for sunlight/moisture resistance
  • Outdoor with UL indoor ratings

When specifying water resistant cables, there's no equal to Aquaseal.

Halogen-free wire uses: subway